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The Apartment


on the Costa Blanca in Spain

The Costa Blanca offers Sun warranty

even in the winter months.

The Costa Blanca - The California of Europe

The region with increased tourism and recreational value of Europe

The Costa Blanca is the ideal place to spend your vacation, or to submit completely to the pure Mediterranean lifestyle, so here permanently to live in peace.

Mediterranean landscape with endless beaches, dunes, villages marineren and color prints. See this showcase stunning scenery
not limited to its calm waters, but is expanding background beautiful landscapes, salt lakes and beautiful mountain scenery.

From Alicante to Torrevieja marina
Torrevieja Orihuela on the Mediterranean Sea flows around a bright region with an exceptional climate.

With complete tourist facilities, spectacular scenery,
tempting and varied cuisine, cheerful folk festivals,
sports, cultural and entertainment opportunities that the Costa Blanca is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, where the indigenous culture and the mix of visitors in perfect harmony with each other.

Enjoy fabulous beaches and coves of the Costa Blanca.
The marina in Guardamar del Segura and Torrevieja is for everyone: quiet or lively beaches with soft sand dunes or fine gravel.

Visit Elche (Elx), and agreed to explore World Heritage großflächigsten palm grove in Europe.

Walk through the dunes of La Marina and take a dip in the Mediterranean. You can then enjoy the nostalgic sounds casino of Torrevieja Habanera.
Try the nightlife of the Costa Blanca:

Clubs and pubs, terraces overlooking the sea, casinos, banquet halls ...
is impossible to be bored here.

The World Health Organization, a United Nations agency, coastal residents, and many doctors once severely affected central Europe attest to the Costa Blanca South high caliber healthcare climate. This ensures that the Costa Blanca South is one of the best climates in the world.

All experts agree:
Costa Blanca residents a healthier life and symptom free!

Whether it's patients with asthma and allergies, people with heart and circulatory disease, patients with arthritis, rheumatism and suffering of patients with psoriasis, all of these people live in the Costa Blanca healthy and free of symptoms in most countries around the world.

No matter where you are with people, experts and scholars in the southern Costa Blanca meets all praise the unique healing climate of the Costa Blanca South.

The moderate temperatures to document the situation south of the Costa Blanca in Europe.
Protected by the mountains of the interior against the cold winds of the plateau,
is the average temperature throughout the year of high
- Summer is warm and pleasant, but 30 degrees is not too hot,
- The winters are mild and offer about 16 to 22 degrees on average, the optimum condition for the "hibernation" for all Central European countries.

The basis for this unusual weather is the sun and the convenient location on the Costa Blanca South.
Criticism is healthy healing properties of salt lakes in the southern Costa Blanca, whose extraordinary effects of many diseases has been demonstrated.

The most impressive of all this a 1993 survey in L'Alfas del Pi outdoors, more than 80 years of age, resident, who showed that 65 percent never or only once a year is a doctor.

For those who prefer to live in the Spanish
that relates to the health benefits and the psyche
there is no better place to live in Europe, is located.


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The apartment Casa-Nele states:

One bedroom with three beds and a sofa bed in the living room.

Maximum occupancy is two adults with one or two children.

Otherwise, the apartment has everything you need for a pleasant holiday and rest.

For warm days on the terrace, table, chairs and sun loungers.

The large pool area and is located behind the house.

The apartment is very quiet in a side street

But who needs a little excitement is about 5 minutes and is in the center of life.

From the terrace overlooking the sea.


Prices between € 210 - € 420 per week depending on the season.
Discount on bookings of more than a week.

Cleaning fee per booking: € 75

Deposit per booking: € 300

Sheets and towels included once.
Energy costs (water / air / heating) inclusive based on usage.
Belegungsplan-Occupancy plan
An airport shuttle or a refrigerator Serviceis if desired also available

Nele House is located on the beautiful Costa Blanca

on the known


"The Mirador del Mediterraneo"

Street of the Philippines # 1

in southern Spain.

(Alicante Airport)

Torrevieja is one of the big cities nearby.

Nele house overlooking the sea near

(Ca.5km) La Zenia one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Blanca.

This stretch of beach is under constant review and awarded the Blue Flaage.

La Zenia is one of Orihuela Costa

including Villamartin ear.


that's about five minutes walk from the House Nele,

has everything you need for a great holiday.

There is a supermarket, bars, cafes, restaurants, banks, ATMs, pharmacies doctor more

and a golf course and a riding school.

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